“Put Your Oms in the Bag and No One Gets Hurt.”

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Thug Yoga? Not everyone is into chanting. It’s cool. Most have their own “thing” for which they utilize their precious little free time. I love snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, riding horses and of course, partying. But once I discovered yoga, and the combination of those activities along with it, I found a whole other aspect of mental calmness and physical alignment that I have come to crave. So why didn’t my friends participate?

Court, I want to do yoga but...

THAT’S IT!!! These excuses have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the ancient science and practice of yoga. I had to fix this. I realized that instead of taking my shredder friends to the world of yoga classes, I had to take yoga to my friends in their shredder world.

And Thug Yoga® was born.

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Traditional Yoga meets Mountain Lifestyle

In 2010, we started out with classes twice a week at the snowboard shop, playing hip hop music, the guys made up new names of poses like, Money Shot (upavishtha konasana), Snoop Downward Dogg, Biggie (savasana) and Brazilian Landscape Inspection (happy baby), and no one touched Travis. I allowed Max, the hungover one, to bring his PBR to class, and that at least got him on the mat. The Aspen Brewing Company got wind of this and started sponsoring our “Hair of the Downward Dogg” . Nate Berkel, an employee at the shop and DJ (Berkel Beats) started making TY mixes for us. Guys, and soon after, girls, who would have never set foot in a yoga studio in Aspen were practicing consistently and visibly gaining flexibility, strength, balance and breath awareness.

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